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HELLO from the last remaining Dodo! Hope you love the ringtones from the new song and just to explain that it means…”Please take care of your planet.”

It's an important message, and one that really comes across whenever your phone rings! It's a talking point for environmentalists and dodo enthusiasts alike, not to mention those who are curious enough to ask about it!

So download and use, folks! It's free and we wish only that you use it to help spread the message, though of course we do know it's the best song in the history of musical composition. Whether you're being called while you're on your Blackberry, surfing about at or you're in a meeting, it's going to be hard not to want to explain to everyone why your ringtone is that awesome.

L R Dodo!



New Song and new FREE Ringtones!

With the help of Bill Oddie, we have put together our next song "TURN IT OFF!!" which is our contribution toward Earth hour, March 31st. We are hoping to persuade you and your friends to download one of our free Turn it off ringtones from the song, to have on your phone for the preceding week, as a show of unity and a green talking point, hoping that will help it go viral!

Turn it off! Ringtone 1 Turn it off! Ringtone 2
Turn it off! Ringtone 3 Turn it off! Ringtone 4

(To download, right click and save - mp3)




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