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To complement the "TURN IT OFF!!" campaign, I would like to invite you and your friends to participate in the ‘Design a light switch surround competition’. The idea is to design an attention-grabbing Dodo-branded light switch surround, using any of the ‘Don’t do the Dodo’ three main characters, with the message, "TURN IT OFF!!". Trace around a light switch at home to create a template, so that your design will fit around it. All submitted entries will be put up on our website, with a selection of prizes yet to be finalized and the winners to be announced in September.

(See above for the three main characters!)
Please scan your design and email it to competition@dontdothe

or send snail-mail to:

Light-switch Surround Competition
64 Harbour Street,
Kent, CT51AG

Sorry! Artworks cannot be returned!

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Send a stamped addressed envelope to:-

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