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Special thanks to Simon Kewer, Illustrator and Cartoonist -

The Curious Tale of the Dodo

This book is designed to encourage the importance of looking after the world, before it's too late! Engaging books like this will teach kids about the environment and how to protect it. They will then share their newfound knowledge with their little friends, creating a generation of environmentally-conscious kids! The planet is their future too, so we need to make sure everybody is taking care of it.

The Curious Tale of the Dodo will inspire them! They will practise their reading skills, build vocabulary and learn about the world at large all in one go. Order your copy today, this may soon become a bedtime story favourite, so be prepared to read it out loud plenty of times! Enjoy! You can buy online now, or click here for list of stockists. SALE Price £5.00 inc UK P&P

the curious tale of the dodo