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About Don’t do the Dodo...

Don’t do the Dodo is an altruistic Brand, that will donate 50% of its profits to small and local grass roots projects. Follow the link to nominate your project. The message of the Dodo is to protect and conserve planet Earth and its inhabitants, by using the simple example and warning of the now extinct Dodo. The Dodo wants to help us recognise and stop the damage we are doing to our environment, by spreading the word through Licensing, which will include a series of Dodo adventure story books, starting with the “The Curious Tale of the Dodo”, as well as pop songs, ring-tones and all sorts of merchandise, all of which will carry the conservation message…. “Don’t do the Dodo”. So please help the Dodo to spread the word!

About Anthony and Sheilah Cooper...

Anthony and Sheilah Cooper collectively have over 50 years experience in the fashion business, which included being licensees of the NFL, Marvel Comics and Hanna Barbara. As licensors of their own brands, they have licensed into BHS, C&A, Boots, P&O Ferries, Athena , BMG and Roadrunner records. Other notable successes include 3 pieces in the V&A History of streetwear exhibition and breaking the Top Shop (Oxford Circus) record for density sales per linear foot.

The Duo gave up their popular and successful Notting Hill shop of 15 years, “Have A Nice Day”, to concentrate on “Don't do the Dodo” a brand conceived over 10 years ago. The concept is to package environmental lifestyle into a fun and accessible format, namely an Edutainment Brand, thus allowing it sit comfortably in the high street and for the fashion-conscious kids to embrace it as an alternative to the uncool and geeky stigma of current conservationism. The message “Don't do the Dodo”, is designed to translate as “Save our species and planet!”

50% of the income from Licensed profits will “transparently” go into grants, aimed particularly at “local” indigenous conservation programs, that struggle for support and awareness.

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